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Back from the dead

Sparkling mead

Sparkling mead

The mead that I was convinced was utterly dead may not be so much. It’s somewhat fortunate that I was using stoneware bottles for these, as the corks are not as fixed as with glass bottles (more like stoppers than corks).

We were debating over what to have for dinner when a distinctive ‘pop’ noise came through from the living room. It seems that somehow blending the mead and spirit mix to make a palatable drink has somehow resurrected the yeast in the mead (this was despite repeated attempts to do so deliberately). One of the bottles had blown its cork across the room. Moving like lightning we quickly uncorked the others to let the pressure out, before treating ourselves to a celebratory glass of sparkling mead apiece.

While we’re not entirely sure what to do about this, apart from possibly unbottling the mead, it’s certainly a cause for celebration as I spent nearly a week trying to get the stuff to wake up – and now, six days after we bottled it and two weeks after I gave up, suddenly it decides to do so. Once it’s finished (again) we’ll see how it’s turned out.

For other points we now have another 2kg of parsnips bubbling away for the next batch of parsnip wine, beetroot are going to be sorted this weekend, and I have a bag of dandelion heads as well – just in case.

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Basic Spirit Mix

Basic Spirit Mix

  • Servings: 5 gallons
  • Difficulty: Easy
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* 6 kg castor sugar
* 1 kg demarara sugar
* 2 gallons boiling water
* water to 5 gallons
* turbo yeast
* yeast nutrient
Homebrew & Winemaking - Alcotec 48 Hour Pure Turbo Super Yeast

Homebrew & Winemaking – Alcotec 48 Hour Pure Turbo Super Yeast

This is the nice, simple, basic mix I’m trying to put together to dilute things which are a bit too sweet, or a bit too strong on flavour, without reducing the alcohol content. In theory it should only take a couple of days with this yeast – though for this time it needs to be in the bath as the fermentation is somewhat…dramatic.

Young's 100g yeast nutrient

Young’s 100g yeast nutrient

First off add the sugar to the fermentation bucket. Boil the water, and gradually add it to dissolve the sugar. Top up to five gallons with cold water once the sugar is fully dissolved, and add the yeast and yeast nutrient to the directions on the containers (I used one sachet of yeast, and five tsp of yeast nutrient).

Then stand back, keeping it somewhere waterproof as it almost certainly will foam over. Fermentation should finish in a couple of days, and the spirit ready to add to whatever you’re trying to dilute. I’ll be trying this at the weekend, raw, and then doing a lot of experimentation with the mead to try and hit the right notes. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll work out, though I may have a fair chunk left over afterwards (and will have to use it on other projects, obviously).

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