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Red Onion Chutney!

Recipe (2 jars)
6 red onions
2 chilli peppers
225ml balsamic vinegar
200g demarara sugar
olive oil

Chutney making

Raw ingredients turning into delicious chutney

As I believe it has been requested, here’s the recipe for making tasty red onion chutney (goes [Ed: extremely]¬†well with cheese!). I originally found the recipe elsewhere online, I forget where, and have modified it slightly. If you don’t like chilli peppers, reduce the amount down to just one, believe me you won’t notice any burn at all with just one [Ed: absolutely right, or if you’re like me throw in an extra couple], and it does make a real difference to the overall flavour.

Finely chop the onions and chillies and chuck them in the frying pan with a bit of oil, and fry gently until they’ve turned a light brown. Then turn down the temperature and throw in the balsamic vinegar and sugar, then season with salt and pepper before mixing everything together well. Leave the whole lot simmering on the hob on a low heat.

While the onions are caramelising in the vinegar and sugar, it’s time to get the jars ready. Preheat the oven to


Just waiting for the wine, cheese and crackers

about 100 degrees. Get some clean jam jars and wash them in hot water (lids too!), then put them all in the oven for about 20 minutes (about the amount of time it should take for the onions to caramelise!).

You’ll know the onions are ready when you can coat the back of a spoon with the mixture and it doesn’t fall straight off. Take the jars and lids out of the oven (carefully!) and spoon the chutney straight into the jars, then screw the caps on tight. Voil√†, home made chutney for cheap! Enjoy!

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