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Passion Fruit Wine – Mark II

Passion Fruit Mark II

  • Difficulty: simple
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* 12l passion fruit juice
* 4l red grape juice
* 4kg castor sugar
* pectolase
* citric acid
* wine yeast

While I, and quite a few others who got to sample it, really enjoyed the passion fruit wine a lot of people found the results to be a bit too sharp for their tastes. As a result I’m having a rethink of the recipe to smooth out the flavour a little, and possibly to bring it more to a wine strength rather than the more powerful version I made before.

I’m using prepackaged juice again, rather than fruit, as it isn’t in season yet and I felt like making more. The recipe is simple – combine everything in a must bucket and allow to ferment until it’s stopped going mad, then rack into demijons and allow to rest. Rack again whenever the sediment starts to show above about a finger’s width at the bottom of the demijon and finally bottle when fermentation has well and truly stopped (lesson learned there).

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Valentine’s Special: Passion Wine

3kg of passion fruit
1kg of sugar (if the fruit is particularly sour add an extra 1/2kg)
water to two gallons
wine yeast

Having not had much experience of passionfruit this was originally a super of the moment make, since a local shop was selling the juice ridiculously cheap. Since making it, and watching the bottles disappear in record time, I’ve modified my recipe for next time to use fresh passion fruit rather than juice. It produced a very fruity, almost sharp flavour.

Passion Fruit Win

Passion fruit wine, showing its lovely golden colour

While it’s a little too late to make any for this Valentine’s day I’d highly recommend it when the fruit is back in season, and that’ll have it ready for next year.

Firstly take the fruit and slice them in half, scooping out the orange flesh and leaving the skin intact (it tastes awful). Throw this into a blender to pulp it and add to your fermentation bucket, along with the water and sugar. Add the yeast once the sugar is fully dissolved and leave in the bucket for a week, stirring regularly.

After the week is up strain the mix into demijons and wait for fermentation to stop, racking weekly. Once it’s stopped bottle (feeling free to put a tasting glass or two aside) and put into storage to mature. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and the taste even when young is truly unique (in a good way).

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