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Fantastic Fungi Fermentation

Fantastic Fungi Fermentation label
Fantastic Fungi Fermentation label


1kg button mushrooms

1kg chestnut mushrooms

a few cooking mushrooms left over from dinner

1kg Demarara sugar

water up to 1 gallon

juice of 1 lemon

wine yeast

As I’m sure you can see, I’ve been doing a bit of label design (with the help of free clipart, naturally). There’s quite a few on the brew at the moment and I haven’t had much of a chance to get recipes down so, while things are quiet, I’m taking my opportunity to get down the ones which are on the go.

The mushroom wine (alliteratively named) was probably the simplest to do. First, 1kg of normal button mushrooms and 1kg of chestnut mushrooms (plus a few other cooking mushrooms we had lying around) were washed off carefully, and chucked into a big pot to simmer. And simmer some more. And simmer a little more after that. In total for about an hour. Maybe a bit more as we sat down to eat dinner while they were on.

After the simmering was completed the mushrooms themselves, along with a little of the mushroom water, was loaded into a liquidiser and turned on. More water was added to the pot, along with a kilo of Demerara sugar (plus a little bit extra, just because) and it was kept on the heat until the sugar had dissolved. Both sugar water and mushroom-puree-stuff was then added to a must bucket, allowed to cool to lukewarm and a bit of active yeast added. Then it’s just the waiting game, and we’ll see how that goes in a few weeks when (hopefully) it’ll be finished and ready to drink.

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New Batch


The mass of raw ingredients.

So here we go, ramping into production. What you see here are 6 litres of pinapple juice (which is going towards a rather experimental pineapple-rum concoction), 12 litres of red grape juice, 6 litres of apple juice (going towards appleade once the champagne yeast turns up), 2 kilos of parsnips, 2 kilos of beetroot, 2 kilos of mushrooms, 2 kilos of lychee and 2 kilos of kiwi.

Of course there were also the mandatory lemons, and a lot of sugar, but they’re barely worth mentioning.

The parsnip, pineapple and lychee recipes will be up soon and everything should be on to brew by the end of the week. Just sitting in a house full of boiling parsnip and lychee smell, with a bucket full of pineapple just waiting for some dissolved demarara sugar and turbo yeast. Some odd looks were received at the supermarket, but I’ll show them – I’ll show them all!

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