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Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold Brewed Death Wish

* 100 g coarse ground Death Wish coffee
* up to 2L water
Death Wish Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee

Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Strongest Coffee – this is an Amazon affiliate link

And now for something completely different. Or a little different anyway. Like many people I’m a big fan of coffee. Not an addict, despite the twitches and headaches when I don’t get my daily dose. Definitely not an addict. Nope. Never.

But recently, and I have no idea why I’ve never come across it before, I discovered something called cold brewed coffee (also known as Dutch coffee, Kyoto coffee or sometimes toddy coffee). This seems to be quite a big thing, with specialist equipment, alchemy-workshop type setups and all sorts of other bits and pieces being available. So naturally I decided, in my amateurish and rather haphazard way, to give it a shot.

It works. It gives a really nice coffee concentrate that keeps well, works brilliantly as a quick shot in the morning to wake you up (a very strong shot, I understand why people talk about diluting it now), is much sweeter and less acidic, and so, so easy to make. Really, I can’t express how easy it has been. Well, actually I can.

I’ve been making it using Death Wish coffee. For those who haven’t heard of it this is supposedly one of the strongest coffees you can get. All I can say is that I love the stuff and highly recommend it to any other caffeine aficionados. I’ve also skipped all of the complex preparation, straining, and most of the filtering to come up with my own method. It’s rather simple. Any other beans will work, but if you’re basically looking for the coffee version of an adrenaline injection to the heart then Death Wish is probably the one to go for.

First take 100 g of coarse ground coffee beans. Then take a big preserve jar, jug, or whatever else you have lying around that can hold two litres and be covered. I’m using a 2 quart preserve jar which is working fine. Put the ground coffee into the jar. Top it up with water and close it up. Leave the whole thing for 14 hours or so, then pour it (slowly) through a funnel lined with a normal paper coffee filter into one or more bottles.

That’s it. Use it as a coffee syrup, cooking ingredient, wake-me-up shot undiluted, very strong coffee diluted about 1:1 with water, slightly less strong 2:1. Use hot water if you prefer your coffee hot (though I’ve started to take a liking to it cold), pour over ice if you like it iced, whatever you want.

There are much more advanced, complex details available all over the place online for those who want to put in the time and effort, but for those like me who want a simple life this works just fine.

And for anyone worrying that I’m drifting away from my brewing obsession, I am thinking carefully about how to turn some of this into a coffee wine.


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