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Beguilingly Brewed Beetroot

Beguilingly Brewed Beetroot label

Beguilingly Brewed Beetroot

Beguilingly Brewed Beetroot

  • Servings: 2 gallons
  • Difficulty: easy
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* 2 kg cooked but not pickled beetroot
* 2 kg sugar
* water to 1 gallon
* some grated ginger
* wine yeast
* yeast nutrient

I’m getting fond of colourful wines recently – something other than the usual red or yellow colours. I feel it makes them stand out a little, and gives a little variety to the (now full) wine rack, and the stacks of more wine beside it. So when I discovered that beetroot is supposed to make a lovely pink wine (although turning brown if left in a clear bottle in sunlight – so dark bottles in a dark place it is) I had to add it to the list. I’ve not actually made this one yet, but when I do this’ll be the recipe.

Slice the beetroots into itty bitty bits (or largish slices, it doesn’t really matter) and throw them into a big pot to simmer with the water. Adding the sugar and ginger at this point won’t hurt either, as the ginger will add a bit of warmth and the sugar will dissolve. Leave to simmer for an hour or so, then take off the heat and allow to soak overnight.

The next day add the yeast nutrient and yeast. Cover, and leave overnight again. Finally rack into demijohns (with a siphon, or through a cloth to avoid bringing across too much sediment) and allow to bubble away quietly for a while, racking regularly and keeping in a nice dark place. When ready, bottle it up and enjoy.

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New Batch


The mass of raw ingredients.

So here we go, ramping into production. What you see here are 6 litres of pinapple juice (which is going towards a rather experimental pineapple-rum concoction), 12 litres of red grape juice, 6 litres of apple juice (going towards appleade once the champagne yeast turns up), 2 kilos of parsnips, 2 kilos of beetroot, 2 kilos of mushrooms, 2 kilos of lychee and 2 kilos of kiwi.

Of course there were also the mandatory lemons, and a lot of sugar, but they’re barely worth mentioning.

The parsnip, pineapple and lychee recipes will be up soon and everything should be on to brew by the end of the week. Just sitting in a house full of boiling parsnip and lychee smell, with a bucket full of pineapple just waiting for some dissolved demarara sugar and turbo yeast. Some odd looks were received at the supermarket, but I’ll show them – I’ll show them all!

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