Redcurrant Jelly

23 Jun

Redcurrent Jelly

  • Servings: 3-4 jars
  • Difficulty: moderately easy
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* 1 kg redcurrants
* 400 ml water
* 450 g sugar
Redcurrant's on for the first simmer

Redcurrant’s on for the first simmer

As you probably know by now we occasionally branch out from just brewing into other preservation methods. As we discovered a redcurrant bush on a nearby abandoned allotment we’ve done just this. Redcurrant jelly holds a particular set of memories for me – mainly of my sister happily devouring whole jars of the stuff at one sitting (this may be a false memory), and we’ll be sending a jar her way once it’s settled.

The actual method to make the jelly is quite simple, although there is a lot of sitting and waiting. First wash the currants thoroughly before adding them to a pan with the water and simmering for around 45 minutes, until they’re nice and soft. Put them in a jelly bag and allow them to strain overnight (or for a few hours if you’re less patient).

Once the juice has strained through the next day, add it to a pan and set to a low boil. For every 600 ml of juice use 450 g of granulated sugar. Once the juice is boiling add the sugar and stir until it’s fully dissolved. Keep boiling for a while longer until the jelly reaches setting point (you can test this by putting a little of the mix and putting it on a cold saucer, let it cool for a minute and poke gently. If it wrinkles then setting point has been reached).

Once it’s ready put the jelly into sterilised jars and seal immediately.

Jars you can either buy from somewhere like Amazon, or just reuse jars you already have. In either case you should wash the jars thoroughly with hot soapy water before sterilising them in the oven at 140 C.

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