Passion Fruit Wine – Mark II

24 Apr

Passion Fruit Mark II

  • Difficulty: simple
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* 12l passion fruit juice
* 4l red grape juice
* 4kg castor sugar
* pectolase
* citric acid
* wine yeast

While I, and quite a few others who got to sample it, really enjoyed the passion fruit wine a lot of people found the results to be a bit too sharp for their tastes. As a result I’m having a rethink of the recipe to smooth out the flavour a little, and possibly to bring it more to a wine strength rather than the more powerful version I made before.

I’m using prepackaged juice again, rather than fruit, as it isn’t in season yet and I felt like making more. The recipe is simple – combine everything in a must bucket and allow to ferment until it’s stopped going mad, then rack into demijons and allow to rest. Rack again whenever the sediment starts to show above about a finger’s width at the bottom of the demijon and finally bottle when fermentation has well and truly stopped (lesson learned there).

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