Apartment Brewing Tech: Towels (and lots of them)

21 Mar
Apartment Brewing Tech: Towels (and lots of them)

The Apartment Brewer’s advice here is important. My flat carpet is still slightly multicoloured from my earliest brewing experiments, before I learned this valuable lesson.

The Apartment Homebrewer

For those who are new to homebrewing, towels may seem an unlikely addition to your kit. However, new and seasoned homebrewers alike know all too well of the messes, sometimes gigantic, that can happen on a brew or bottling day. Since brewing indoors on a stove top presents many challenges, having some trusty clean-up technology can make the process less dramatic, especially when you’re trying to learn or perfecting a new creation. In this Apartment Brewing Tech post, I run down some simple tips to improve your brewing process with the use of some old (but clean) towels.

Why might I need towels in apartment brewing? Kitchen floors and stove tops aren’t designed for homebrewing in mind. If they were, my apartment brewery would be much nicer (and have a built-in floor drain). On brew or bottling day, messes are likely. The bigger the batch, the bigger the mess: more…

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