Salvaging the Mead

14 Mar

Last night was a board game night at a friend’s. For purely experimental purposes, I took along a bottle of the (sickeningly, syrupy-sweet) mead and another of the spirit mix. Glasses were provided, and different proportions poured into each. Unfortunately the results mean that I may have rather a lot of spirit mix still to make – and an awful lot of mead/spirit mix that’ll have to be bottled. Such a shame.

Essentially the result of the experiment was that a mix of 1 measure mead to 3 measures spirit mix makes something not merely palatable, but actually pleasant. Even though the spirit mix still has a touch of sweetness itself, it isn’t nearly as cloying as the mead and dilutes it quite nicely.

For those who might be interested this means that I will now have to:
– Make another 10 gallons of spirit mix (I currently have 5 gallons)
– Bottle a total of 20 gallons of mead/spirit mix

To give people a rough idea, one gallon generally gives me five bottles. Twenty gallons will then be 100 bottles of pleasantly drinkable mead.

I’m going to need a new wine rack. And a lot of bottles. And more corks. And possibly more labels. This might take a while.

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