Mushroom Wine – An Acquired Taste

04 Mar
Mushroom wine

Gorgeous color, questionable flavour

Sometimes you taste a wine, particularly a home-made one, and just think ‘dear god, what is this toxic waste’.

This one wasn’t, and isn’t, that bad but is definitely an acquired taste. I won’t be trying to taste it again for at least a year or so, in the hopes that a bit of aging will mellow it (I suspect it will).

It’s not that the wine’s unpleasant, though my assistant was most assuredly not a fan, it’s just…mushroomy. And mushroomy-ness is not necessarily something you expect in a wine. Despite this I hold out high hopes for the aging killing some of the mushroom soup flavour. If the flavour’s softened a little I can see this turning out extremely pleasant. If not…maybe salad dressing or something?

I will be attempting mushroom wine again but will be trying it with different mushrooms, and maybe some other juices to add a few extra layers. It won’t be high on my priority list (still got the beetroot to make after all), but it’s up there. Next to be bottled is the parsnip, the pineapple rum experiment, and the experimental mead-spirit mixing. Wish me luck.

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