Basic Mead

16 Feb

Basic Mead

  • Servings: 30 bottles
  • Difficulty: easy
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* 1 gallon honey
* 10 tsp yeast nutrient
* wine yeast
* water to 5 gallons
* 1 cup of strong (plain) tea
* juice of 1 lemon

José-Manuel Benito Álvarez [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia CommonsDirections
* Put the honey in a fermentation bucket and top up with hot water to 5 gallons
* Add the lemon, yeast nutrient and tea, and stir until the honey dissolves
* Once the water has cooled to no more than lukewarm, add the yeast and seal the fermentation bucket
* Stir daily for 4 weeks
* After four weeks, rack and continue to rack on a monthly basis until fermentation stops
* Bottle and store for at least six months (longer the better)

Just a very simple mead recipe I’ve used before to great effect. It’s only when I experiment with more modern recipes that I seem to get problems with over-sweetness. Once thing to note is that mead ages extremely well, the taste matures as it gets older and so I highly recommend waiting at least a year (though a cheeky taste when you’re bottling is only to be expected).

I may have to return to this recipe, just to reassure myself that I haven’t lost my touch with mead. As it’s one of the oldest alcoholic drinks known (in fact may well be the ancestor of all modern alcoholic drinks) it’s a good one to make. In fact mead was what initially got me into making my own homebrew, quite a few years ago. Mainly it was because it was so hard to find at the time, and since then it’s just become a general passion of mine. If you’ve never tried mead I do highly recommend it, at least once. There is a reason it’s been made (and eagerly drunk) for somewhere around 5000 years.

At some point I’ll go a bit more into the history of the stuff. The recipe has changed a lot over time, adding in fruits, spices and so on, but the basic concept is still the same as that original mead brewed by some nameless stone age human.

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