Potent Pressed Pineapple Experiment

11 Feb

Potent Pressed Pineapple label


8l pineapple juice (no additives)

3kg Demarara sugar

juice of 1 lemon

48 hour turbo yeast

Some years ago I discovered turbo yeast. For those who don’t know this is essentially super-tough, very fast yeast which (in theory) allows someone to homebrew liquors with no need to drift into the illegal area of distilling. Since then, on occasion, I’ve experimented to see what can be made with normal wine ingredients, extra sugar and some turbo yeast. The last experiment involving this was a slightly modified wartime rum recipe – potent enough to blow people’s socks off quite comfortable (and render grandmothers rather merry indeed, if the communication at the time is anything to go by). I’ll be making more of that once squashes and marrows are easy to come by – but for now I’m giving a shot to making a pineapple rum.

This is probably the easiest, and one of the cheapest recipes. Since these tend to come out either foul or incredibly strong (for a homebrew) I generally stick to cheaper ingredients rather than risking high-quality ones on an experiment. In this case it was a simple case of picking up two gallons of pure pineapple juice (no additives, which is important), pouring them into a bucket, adding somewhere around three kilos of sugar (basically everything available), setting up a yeast starter with a couple of teaspoons of the turbo yeast and starting the brew. The rather energetic brew.

One advantage of these is that the brew time is much, much shorter than normal. In fact the yeast is supposed to be able to ferment to somewhere above 30% within a couple of days. I tend to leave it a while longer, but will be bottling up the pineapple soon (after a tasting session, naturally) and hoping for the best.

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