Peculiar Parsnip Potation

11 Feb
Peculiar Parsnip Potation label

Peculiar Parsnip Potation label


2kg parsnips

1.5kg castor sugar

water to two gallons

wine yeast

juice of 1 lemon

Firstly I should mention that potation is a real word. Honestly. And the alliteration just wouldn’t work without it. Then I’ll move on to how it was actually made.

I’ve heard it mentioned, quite a bit, that parsnip wine is the king of homebrews. Naturally I had to try this and so among our large stock of ingredients were a number of parsnips (2kg of the things). These were peeled and chopped by my loyal assistant, then thrown in to boil for a while. After boiling they were liquidised, shoved into a muslin bag and violently strained so that every drop of juice and flavour was removed. The final liquid was taken, a kilo and a half of castor sugar dissolved into it and added to a must bucket along with some wine yeast.

There was a surprising amount after this, so it was all topped up to make two gallons in total and set off fermenting – which it has been doing rather eagerly and happily. After one week we racked it (with a little taste to see how it was going of course) and were pleasantly surprised by a sweet, yet savoury parsnip flavour. Since it’s still bubbling merrily away there’s obviously quite a while to go but I hold out high hopes for this one.

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