Luxurious Lychee Liquer

11 Feb


2kg lychees

1/2kg castor sugar

water to 1 gallon

juice of 1 lemon

wine yeast

I have one thing to say to anyone who may consider making their own lychee wine. Chop them in half, rather than peeling and stoning them manually. It’s much easier to scoop the succulent flesh away from the skin and stone if the damned things have been cut in half. Sadly this was a lesson we learned too late, after fingers were rubbed raw. Having said that it was easier than peeling chestnuts, which has now become a new standard for discomfort in the Boar’s homeBrewery.

Luxurious Lychee Liquer label

Luxurious Lychee Liquer label

So, 2kg of lychees (pre-skinning and stoning), simmered for a while to help that juice out, liquidised and strained (or mostly strained – a temporary assistant’s lack of attention led to a chunk of the pulp ending up in the must bucket along with the liquid). Half a kilo of castor sugar thrown in, wine yeast, yada yada. Racked a week later and bubbling away quite happily today – so we can’t have done that badly. Whether it’ll turn out good enough to justify the anguish of peeling the bloody things I don’t know, but it was worth a shot at least.

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